Sea Cargo

Ocean container freight is the most cost effective way to transport your goods across the world to fulfill orders, inventory and production needs for your business. Navigating your goods from dock to dock is our specialty and we make it an easy process to keep your supply chain filled and easily traceable while on the water. Modern ocean container freight needs to be navigated carefully and Global Shipping insures that your product gets to your door safely.

Global Shipping leverages our industry-focused approach to basic freight forwarding and End to End logistics with our skilled personnel, unparalleled business expertise and market experience to create a superior container shipment product in tangible and overall value. This strategy, supported by an established globalized and IT infrastructure system, allows us to be unmatched in our industry by creating opportunities for lower landed costs, visibility as one of the world’s leading Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC)

Global Shipping ocean container freight coverage network can be summed up in one word: “Global”. Our business strategy is to be available for our customers anytime and anywhere in the world. Between our USA and our Asia locations we have 31 offices globally and relationships/agent agreements in all other regions of the world that enables us to service our customers supply chain.

In a business environment where time and quality matter, Dsscltd is the industry leader in providing the safest, most reliable and most efficient ocean container transportation service available on the market today.